Concert Works




  • Fando and Lis (2013/20)

   for guitar

  • The Hologram (2018)

   for piano

  • The Metamorphosis (2015/20)

   for Violoncello




Duo & Ensemble


  • Walking on the moon alone (2020) 

  for recorder, guitar, and fixed audio

  • Two Lovers at the Beach (2020) 

  for alto flute, violin, violoncello, and guitar

  • When you gazed at me... (2019) 

  for accordion and piano

  • The Unheard Relic  (2019) 

  for flute (with piccolo), oboe, clarinet, and accordion

  • Around 1:23 AM  (2016-2017) 

  for flute, trumpet,  trombone, ukulele, guitar, violin, and violoncello



  • A train beside the sea  (2016)

  for violin and piano



  • Chanson pour alto et piano, Livre 1 (2010-2014)

  for viola and piano



  • Les Bonnes (2013)

   for flute (with piccolo, alto) and violoncello



  • Hommage à Vincent van Gogh (2012)

   for violin, viola, and violoncello



  • The Small Graves (2019)

   for string orchestra and solo percussion